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The Drill Bryon DeChambeau Says All Golfers Should Do To Start Striping Their Irons

Love him or hate him, you have to admit, Bryson DeChambeau knows the golf swing.

I'm not sure any pro as studied the golf swing more than Bryson has over the years and he has come up with some great observations.

Bryson put together 2 videos for his YouTube channel this past year that have some great fundamental golf tips for setup, grip, swing, weight shift etc. But also Bryson included was one drill that he says he did for hours each day as a kid to hone his swing.

I have put together a short video summarising Bryson's two videos. This summary shows the two key fundamentals that really helped my game this past summer. In particular in creating a consistent low point on my golf swing that resulted in more crisp contact with my irons and a proper divot. In addition my video focuses on the drill Bryson shows everyone he teaches to dial in your swing low point. This Drill is called the Sand Line Drill and it is a beauty.

Here is my summary video but I'll also include both of Bryson DeChambeau's videos below from his YouTube channel.

Enjoy. Any comments leave them here or below the video. Thanks

Bryson's detailed videos on the golf swing (for irons)


Part 2

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