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The Off-Season Golf Drill Everyone Should Be Practicing this Winter.

One drill I plan on doing this winter is this simple swing plane drill, that everyone knows, but nobody does. Getting your club on plane in golf is actually a game changer. Most of us hackers don't even know the feeling but once you get it the game of golf gets that much easier.

With me, keeping my club on plane, comes and goes. My swing tends to get flat, especially with my driver, which leeds to some big pushes right or a flip to get the club face square that can lead to hooks. Not a recipe for success. But this summer I played some great golf and a lot of that was just having a swing that was on plane and it just makes hitting the fairway that much easier. So this is a key drill for my winter off-season golf training.

Here is a simple drill that everyone should be doing. It involves two alignment sticks and a golf club. That is it. If you don't have alignment sticks you can just choke up on your iron to show where your shaft is pointing. Pro Tip: Aligment sticks can be bought at Home Depot for cheap. You don't need to buy them from the golf pro shop. The first drill shown is the drill that I will be focusing on but the rest of the video also offers some good tips.

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