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Why Did I Build this Golf Website?

Hi, Brad here.  This website, at least early on, was put together solely for me to document my progress in lowering my golf handicap. What golf instruction works for me vs what doesn't work.  I'm golf obsessed. Its ridiculous really how much I think about golf, even in the dead of winter.  
I've watched almost every YouTube golf video, I've tried almost every golf drill, every teaching aid and I've tinkered with my swing for as long as i can remember.  But, I've made progress! I've whittled my handicap down to below 10.  It is currently around 8.5 and was a little lower last year before old swing flaws returned.  This site documents what I have used to improve my game and maybe it can help others.


I started Lower Score Golf with the goal of offering readers a glimpse into my thoughts and experiences with my golf game. Take some time to explore the blog and see if anything looks like it might help your game. Read on and enjoy!


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