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First Step in Putting Together a Golf Off Season Golf Training plan

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We have come to the worst part of the golf season, the end of it. But, I'm already pumped for next year. My goal, as you can guess by my website name, is to lower my handicap and hopefully help others trying to do the same thing. I did in fact lower my handicap this year but who is every satisfied with where they are at with their golf game. So the journey continues.

I use the Grint app to track my golf games. On the app I managed to get my handicap down to 6.2. On Golf Canada I'm a 7.1. Not sure why the difference. But either way I was almost a 9 at the start of the year so I'm pleased. Now, I'm already wondering where I need to improve. What can I do this winter to improve.

The Grint is actually a great golf app for tracking statistics and giving you good feedback on your game. You need to know where your golf game is lacking if you want to improve. There are many good golf apps on Apple and Android to choose from that give you good data BTW, it does not need to be the GRINT. Garmin watches also track a lot of this info.

STEP 1 in Putting Together Your Offseason Golf Training Plan - Evaluate Your Golf Game Critically Using Your Real Golf Stats and Strokes Gained Data

You can't improve unless you know where your golf game is lacking. In looking through my stats it looks like I'm loosing ground in my putting and penalty strokes. My driving accuracy turned out to be better than expected and my greens in regulation are actually pretty decent. My strokes are lost putting, where I am apparently 2 strokes per round more than I should be and wasted penalty strokes. In terms of strokes lost to penalty most of these penalty strokes are from mishits and huge brain farts. With irons my miss is right and fat and with my Driver I will push some drives 90 yards right out of the blue. These issues are both path and finding the bottom of my swing arc, things I will work on over the winter.

So I know what I need to work on this winter. Lots of putting practice and a focus on consistency, tempo and rythm and contact. In addition to swing plane and knowing where the bottom of my swing arc is.

I am going to put together a plan over the next few days that will utilize my Skytrak and Home Launch Monitor setup to work on drills as well as my new Hackmotion golf swing aid to work on my technical aspects of my golf swing.

In addition I will post, over the winter, some of the helpful golf drills and tips I've found on my journey.

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