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Laundry List of Golf Flaws

Back in about 2015 I thought I would actually put some smart effort in to bringing my golf scores down and becoming more consistent. So on a vacation in Phoenix I decided to take a $99 assessment at Goltec in Scottsdale. I did not like the looks of my swing!

At the time the pro pointed out my swing wasn't that bad just a few flaws. I think they try to make you feel better before they lower the boom. Here is what he saw:

  • Early Extension - standing up early in order to get club to the ball because of the many flaws that preceded contact.

  • flipping my hands - I came way from the inside which led to the early extension and if I didn't flip the hands I would push the ball way right. Which I did.

  • Club was not kept square during the backswing early on. I flipped open early which required all sorts of voodoo to get that club back to the ball.

These are on top of all the other issues I had like bad putting, chipping and pitching. Luckily the gimme putt range seems to have expanded over the years with my group of golf friends! So along with swing changes I decided to work on these areas as well. To be honest these putting and chipping are almost more important than the swing but lets face it not as fun to practice.

So the work began. Within this blog I will talk about all the drills and aids I used to start cutting the strokes. I am not a pro so will only provide what has worked for me and where I got the information from on the web. All will be free.

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