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HackMotion Golf Training Aid Works Wonders - Review

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

On my quest to lower my handicap I try many golf training aids. Most fail or get tossed aside shortly after purchase. But this is not the case for HackMotion which is a wrist angle training aid that syncs up with your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone.

I picked up the HackMotion wrist angle golf training aid a few months back and have been using it periodically on my home golf simulator since that time. It has been pretty eye-opening. The tool basically trains optimal wrist angles at the top of your swing and at impact based based on your setup position and grip. There is constant feedback both auditory and visually on the App. While I think this is a somewhat simplistic tool based on the 1000's of other things going on in the swing besides wrist positions, it flat out works.

What HackMotion trains is consistency. If you can maintain a somewhat consistent wrist position at the top of your backswing and at impact your misses are minimized. I am just more consistent now. It really hasn't done much with adding distance to my drives or irons but I would say HackMotion shrank the dispersion circle around the greens. This means more greens hit in regulation basically.

My conclusion on my HackMotion wrist angle tool review is that it is worth a look if you are wanting to improve your ball striking consistency. Especially in your at home off season golf training.

Here is a link to the HackMotion website - I see it is also now sold on Amazon - BUY ON AMAZON .

Also, here is a good video demonstrating how HackMotion is used. This fellow did a great job demonstrating HackMotion so I don't have to.

Happy Off Season Training!

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