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Rory McIlroy's Improved Wedge Play Leads to Canadian Open Win

If you watched any of the Canadian Open this last weekend (June 9 - 12, 2022) at Royal St. George's Golf and Country Club just outside Toronto you witnessed some of the best wedge play you will ever see. Rory was in the zone, especially on Sunday, and was hitting wedges within feet of the pin hole after hole. Including holes 17 and 18 on Sunday. It was a thing of beauty.

Rory's swing last weekend was pure simplicity. Rarely did he seem to hit a wedge at full speed or seem to be reaching at all in the backswing. He was just 3/4 back and through.

The PGA summarized the swing very well on this very subject: Hit Your Wedges Close Like Rory Keith Stewart, PGA teaching professional explains, in this article, how Rory is striping the ball time and time again and explains a drill you can do as well on the range to get a repeatable and accurate wedge swing.

Wedge Drill - (credit to Keith Stewart, PGA from above article)

  1. Take your normal address position.

  2. Then slide your trail hand down the shaft about three inches below the grip.

  3. Start to make a backswing by turning your torso.

  4. Keep turning until the shaft becomes perpendicular to the ground.

  5. Your lead arm should be parallel to the ground or a little higher.

  6. Get a good feel for this spot, and then repeat the drill.

  7. You just discovered the limits of your body turn. That’s the spot where you have the most control over the club. It may feel like a quarter swing, but you will be well past two-thirds when you do the drill.

I love this drill. Just tried it today at the range. Give it a go.

Finally, if you didn't get enough inspiration from Rory McIlroy's wedge play at the Canadian Open, take a look at this YouTube video showing Rory hit wedge after wedge. The simplicity of this wedge golf swing is a thing of beauty.

Lets see how Rory does in the US Open 2022 with his wedges dialed in like this. Should be fun to watch.

Give us your thoughts on Rory's golf swing or wedge play. Including drills you use to get your wedges dialed in.

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