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How to Get The Perfect Golf Backswing

The golf takeaway sets up the entire golf swing. This is why golf instructors put so much emphasis on the backswing in almost all golf training videos. As I mentioned in previous posts I had issues with early extension, especially with my driver and often with a push to push fade with my driver. Both of those swing faults occur because of what has happened in the takeaway. Most non-pro golfers have a series of compensations in the downswing to address what has already taken place in the takeaway and setup. Until they clean up the backswing motion they will have to continue with those compensations to square the clubface. So why not start with a proper setup and backswing first so you make your job a little easier in the downswing. Makes sense right?

Here are a few videos that are brilliant at addressing the backswing and they all provide great takeaway drills.

First Video - Basic Golf Takeaway

The first video is new as of writing and encompasses a lot of previous Danny Maude videos that are just excellent in explaining, in a straightforward manner, how to properly perform a proper golf backswing. Danny Maude is one of the best golf instructors on YouTube so take a look at the wealth of free videos on his page. This video covers the backswing, wrist positions and explains how it all leads to impact. It is a beauty.

Second Video - The Easiest Way to Takeaway The Golf Club in the Golf Swing

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf is one of my favorite online golf instructors. He keeps it really simple like the name says. In this video he breaks down the backswing in a way that seems perfectly natural and he backs it up with good takeaway drills to ingrain that natural backswing. Enjoy:

Final Video - How to Get the Perfect Backswing in 3 Easy Steps

An finally we have Chris Ryan at Chris Ryan Golf. Always a favorite and featured in many of my blog posts. Check him out on YouTube. Chris as he always does explains in clear detail how the backswing should look and what checkpoints you should look for in your swing.

What helped me most was the drill started at about 5:30 in the video where he shows where the club shaft should be pointing on the takeaway and how you can tell if you are on plane by choking up on the club, setting the wrists, rotating the arms and turning. It is a key drill to do at home to perfect your backswing. Here we go:

if you watch just those 3 videos and work on the drills you will end up with your perfect backswing.

As always give me your feedback on these golf videos and swing drills and if you have some tips or drills as well that you use please leave a note.

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