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Brian Harman reveals he used a Putting Mirror in Prep for The Open

Brian Harman's triumph at The Open Golf Championship left us in awe of his exceptional putting skills. Harman made 58 of 59 putts within 6 feet. On those greens that was unbelievable.

Brian Harman was asked Sunday morning what his secret was to his flawless putting but he wouldn't reveal the secret. But after he won Harman revealed he started using a putting mirror again after his putter was "misbehaving".

“Yeah, I found this — it’s a silly looking mirror where it’s got like a little better release pattern,” Harman said.

On Sunday night Harman revealed his secret. "Yeah, I found this - it's a silly looking mirror where it's got like a be

tter release pattern", Harman said.

I personally have a putting mirror, albeit hidden somewhere in the garage, and I will start using that in my practice.

If you also struggle on the greens (like pretty much every golfer), it might be worth taking Harman’s recommendation and pull out your mirror or buy one on Amazon. See if a mirror can help you groove your stroke and knock in more putts.

Here are some mirrors available on Amazon. First of all it is a mirror and most are very similar so don't spend too much on a mirror: Amazon Golf Mirrors

Here is a video showing Ricky Fowler using a putting mirror. Ricky uses it to consistently setup. I also find that when you use the mirror with the tees in as bumpers on a straight put it gives you great feedback when you hit it off line. You know immediately.

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