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5 Tips To Hit it Longer From Rory McIlroy

How does a guy who is 5'9" tall and 161 pounds average 319 yards off the tee? Those numbers just don't compute but those are in fact Rory's driving distance numbers in 2022 and his actual height and weight.

Rory McIlory's swing is a thing of beauty and efficiency but also a great illustration of how technique and setup lead to swing speed and distance. Rory explains in this video why he always had to try to hit it longer given he was always smaller than the competition when he was young, and how he has parlayed that swing into massive distance in his 20's through the use of Trackman and trial and error.

In this video Rory shows the boys at Fore Play Golf how to gain more distance off the tee. If you have never watched the Fore Play Golf YouTube Channel you need to give it a watch because it is one of the best golf YouTube channels out there for regular golfers.

Rory meets up with the four guys from Fore Play Golf, analyzes there swings, and quickly adds massive distance to their drives in terms of yardage and swing speed to their club head speed. It is impressive to watch how the easy changes proposed by Rory translate into driver distance, ball speed and swing speed gains.

Here are the 5 Tips for More Distance off the Tee From Rory McIlroy

  1. Tee it higher! For all four of the guys he tells them to tee it higher. Rory repeatedly emphasizes that you have to hit up on the ball to allow for higher launch angle with less spin. If you hit down on the ball the ball will spin out and go shorter.

  2. Widen your stance. Again Rory emphasized the wider stance to gain some leverage and also stay behind the ball.

  3. Stand further from the ball. Rory put each player into his own setup using some tees on the ground to mark foot position and each guy was amazed how far they were reaching. Although it was probably only a few inches further than their normal setup.

  4. Move the ball up in your stance to at least inside of left food (for Righties). Again each of the Fore Play guys felt the ball was way too far forward compared to where they were used to positioning the ball but it created an upward angle of attack and less spin for each guy on trackman.

  5. Give a full turn back and through. Don't pussy foot around with half swings and incomplete follow throughs. Rory illustrated how Frankie could hit it way further if he just completed his backswing. It worked like a charm.

All these tips are accomplished with setup or simple swing changes. No massive overhaul of your golf swing is required. That is the beauty of this video and why I wanted to share it. But also just enjoy the banter of some regular guys out with the best driver of the golf ball today Rory Mcilroy. Rory is a Beaut as well.

I hope this helps you hit bombs on the course. Enjoy!

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