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"Can Johnny Miller's Number One Tip Really Fix Your Golf Swing?"

Johnny Miller illustrating his number one golf tip to fix your golf swing.

Johnny Miller is one of the greatest golfers of the 70's. Winning 25 times including 2 Major tournaments. He was the goods. On top of that he was a beloved golf analyst on NBC sports for years. Watching and listening to Johnny on NBC as an analyst really made you realize exactly how much Johnny Miller knew about the golf swing.

Johnny offers a wealth of advice on YouTube and magazines about the golf swing. One tip that he calls his "Number One Tip" concerns the left (lead) shoulder and returning the left shoulder to where it starts after the backswing. He goes on to explain that the problem with most low handicap golfers is they hang back and flip at the ball. Whereas if you get your left shoulder back to where it started, or even ahead of where it started, you will hit crisp compressed shots and generally will not hook. Great advice.

This video from my YouTube channel summarizes Johnny Miller's golf tip perfectly.

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