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The Easiest Way To Change Height on your Pitch Shots

If you want to get the most out of your short game and pitch it like some of the tours best players you need to learn how to vary the heights of your pitch shots.

How to Vary the Height on your pitch shots
How to Vary the Height on your pitch shots

Mastering the short game takes tons of practice. PGA tour pros spend countless hours everyday working on all the shots around the green.

We all can't practice daily like Tiger Woods, who has a multi-million dollar practice facility in his back yard. But we can practice some basic setup techniques at home to set us up for success around the greens.

Jonathan Yarwood, a top PGA teaching pro, recently tweeted some simple setup and short game golf drills to help you easily change the height of your pitch and chip shots.

To Summarize Jonathan's tips.

How to Hit a Low Pitch shot:

Play the ball back in your stance with some forward shaft lean. This will de-loft the club and help create a descending blow that shoots the ball out low onto the green.

“We want to keep the ball low, so we keep the hands ahead,” Yarwood says.

How to Hit the Medium High Pitch Shot:

Setup relatively neutral all around. Stance, shaft etc. Put the ball in the middle of your stance and have the shaft pointing at the zipper on your pants. Take a normal chipping swing with a neutral release and the ball will come out at medium height with medium spin.

Hitting that High Flop Shot:

Put the ball toward your front foot, just off the toe or front heel. Keep the handle of the club a little further back. On the downswing, release the clubhead early to create more dynamic loft, which will make the ball come off the face much higher than normal.

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