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"Unveiling the Hackmotion Golf Training Aid: A Game-Changer for Your Swing"

Hackmotion Training Aid wrist angle correction

In my quest to lower my (and your) handicap I try a lot of golf training aids. Most of those aids are discarded I must admit. I just do not end up using them long term. This includes the orange whip which I haven't touched in years.

The Hackmotion is different. Other than my golf simulator (Skytrak) (see my setup here), the Hackmotion is really the only aid I use these days. Everybody's golf swing is unique, some more unique than others :-), but at the point of contact most golf swings are similar. At least all good golf swings are similar at the point of impact.

I'm not even sure I'm using the hackmotion exactly as the manufacturers outlined. I wear my hackmotion training aid during most of my golf simulator sessions. I hit 1000's of balls every week. What you tend to see is patterns with your unique golf swing. If you strip one you can see your wrist angle at setup, at the top of the golf swing and and impact. More often than not I'm not always in the Hackmotion prescribed range at the top (but usually close). At impact I'm usually in the range.

But what you find wearing it during sessions is you start realizing what range you need to be in to strip the ball. Every time you hit a solid shot you can see where your wrist angles were at to make that happen. For your swing! Slowly you will find that you narrow your misses and start striping the ball even more. I highly recommend the Hackmotion.

Below is a video I put together for my YouTube channel showing you what the Hackmotion Training Aid does. Take a look if you want to see more about what this training aid does.

If you want to check out the website use this link to get 5% off of your purchase (if you end up purchasing): Hackmotion Training Aid

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