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The Secret Behind Victor Hovland's Swing - Video Showing The Secret along With Two Golf Drills

victor hovland swing

OK, Nobody is as hot as Victor Hovland right now after winning two PGA tournaments in a row and season long FedEx cup. Hovland is just unstoppable right now.

Hovland's swing however is not a classic golf swing. Nobody would confuse him from Adam Scott from down the line. But Victor's swing is crazy effective.

See the attached video from Craig Hanson at World Class Golf on Victor's swing. Craig Hanson's videos are always awesome and the drills he offers are usually spot on.

Craig's video analysis of Hovland's swing highlights two key elements.

  1. Victor does not keep his left arm straight. We've heard this tip again and again over the years but Craig shows how many PGA pros are actually going with a soft left arm. Spieth, Jason Day, Lee Westwood etc.

  2. Victor doesn't roll his wrists over through impact in the traditional way. It is easier to see on the video than explain in words but basically Victor extends his left hand as opposed to rolling it over. This keeps the clubface on target longer and provides a lot of power.

Here it is. Thanks again to Craig Hanson at World Class Golf for providing this excellent video. Give him a follow:

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