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The Best Golf Practice Net for In Home Use - Bar None

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

I am always amused by the contrast between professional golfers making swing changes and the average golfer making swing changes Professionals work on it everyday for months and years to make subtle changes. They hit 10's of thousands of balls. The everyday golfer thinks they can watch a video and integrate the new swing change next round. Golf, and the human body, just do not work that way.

I have become accustomed to hitting a lot of balls the last number of years. In the winter I work on subtle swing changes I hope to bring to the course when the snow melts. In the summer I mainly hit into a net for chipping practice. So over the past 5 - 10 years I've used many different nets.

I have had popup nets which I find just aren't big enough. I am not too proud to admit that I missed that net a couple of times in the house. Drywall is no match for a golf ball travelling at 100mph.

I do have a net wall strung up in the garage and it is similar material to the net shown in the picture but it has its own issues such as the ball does not always return to you and more often than not just gets caught up in the net. It kinda drives me crazy but I would give it a second best net on my personal list given you can't miss the thing.

The Net Return however is the Crème de la crème of golf nets. It is by far the best net I've ever purchased. I picked up the Pro V2 Series model with the additional side nets to catch those stray shanks (I've got that shot).

It is the best. The net is guaranteed for up to 250,000 shots! It is made of lightweight aluminum and super easy to put up and take down. I often move mine to my living room when I want to have some friends over but I can quickly move it out when the wife complains. Which is usually immediately after my friends leave. It is gold. If you are looking for the best net check out The Net Return nets are now sold by The Net Return on Amazon as well with FREE DELIVERY. If you want to go the Amazon route here is the LINK.

Who uses the Net Return nets for golf? Well Bryson Dechambault for one and Kyle Berkshire (Long Drive Champion) for two. Check out this video and you can see Bryson Dechambault cranking up the driver into a Net Return Pro2 net to see it in action As I said it is the best.

If you are setting up a little practice swing area in your house you need to consider the Net Return nets as your golf hitting net.

Leave your comments on your golf setup. I am slowly building a low budget mobile golf simulator in my garage and would love to hear what others are doing in their home and what golf accessories are a must.


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