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Stop Hitting Fat and Thin Golf Shots

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

One of the best golf videos you will ever see in terms of fixing your golf swing

I love Rick Shiels on Youtube.

Rick just has a lot of fun with the game of golf and he is very entertaining. But he is also informative with great golf tips and lessons, he also plays fun games against tour pros which are always a whoot.

Rick recently (2022/23) travelled to the US, it would appear, and has had some great lessons with top PGA pros. Check them out if you haven't already.

The lesson below is with Claude Harmon III, who is brilliant. Claude uses all the latest technology at his golf "lab" at the The Floridian Golf Club in Florida to quickly diagnose some of Rick's flaws. Claude Harmon has taught the likes of Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott, Darren Clarke, Brooks Koepka, Ricky Fowler and more.

Rick takes it all in as Claude diagnoses Rick's swing flaws which are leading to many thin iron shots. Rick also concedes that, while he can consistently kill his driver, his iron play is inconsistent and often result in thin contact.

Claude's diagnosis of Rick's issues is weight shift. BUT truth be told this is the issue with 95% of us hackers as we try to lift the ball off the ground instead of hitting through the ball. If you hit the ball thin or fat you need to watch this video. This video is simply one of the best I've seen to help you get solid contact with the golf ball. Enjoy:

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