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Right Elbow in the Downswing - aka Trail Elbow

The position of my right or trail elbow in the downswing was just wrong. In the past I often had my right arm too far behind me and internally rotated (flying) which led to a bunch of compensations in the downswing to get that club face square. I managed but my swing usually looked like a combination of early extension and flipping of the hands to get that clubhead square.

Not a recipe for success. Some days it worked and some days it didn't, it all depended on my timing that day.

The right elbow and arm structure should never be trapped behind the body, otherwise you can't square the clubface without coming over the top or early extension. See Tiger on the left and how his right elbow is tucked in and his shoulder is externally rotated. This is perfect, as you would expect with Tiger I suppose.

Here are some of the best videos I have found online regarding the left or trailing elbow in the downswing and the best drills to ingrain that feel of tucking and throwing that right elbow through the shot. This is VERY IMPORTANT and saved my game if I'm honest.

First Video - Perfect Right Elbow in Backswing in 3 Easy Steps

OK, this video is actually called the perfect backswing in 3 easy steps but what I found most important was the explanation of the right elbow or trail elbow. Again Chris Ryan is in my opinion one of the best, if not they best, at explaining the swing in simple terms and why we need to do certain things. Here at about 4:30 you see how to get your elbow perfect in the backswing in about the easiest 3 steps you will ever see. Perfect every time. Also at about 5:52 in the video Chris shows a drill that puts that elbow in the perfect spot ever time. Great stuff:

Second Video - Strike It Pure with your Right Elbow in Front of the Right Pocket

In this video Chris Pratt talks about 3 keys to getting the right elbow in the right position to maximize speed and accuracy. Chris also sets up the ultimate practice station to work on all facets of the swing to get that trail elbow in place. First you maintain posture and ensure on backswing and start of downswing that your butt is back and pushing further back to make room for the arms and right elbow. Second swing that elbow through low and left. Making room for this right elbow move is key. Set up your station like Chris or just envision in in your practice and it will make you a better striker of the golf ball. Here your go:

Video 3 - Trail Arm Move in the Golf Swing Explained

Here again we have Alex Fortey of the Art of Simple Golf. He is one of the best, as I have said before, he keeps it simple and natural. Not complicated stuff. There is a good drill I've used often in this video where you open up your stance to allow for room for that right elbow to whip through. Its a beauty. Take a look:

This concept is actually pretty key to scoring low on the golf course. I hope these videos help. Give me your thoughts on these videos and your own tips for keeping that elbow in the right position.

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