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Proper Golf Grip Every Time - Best How To Video Showing How to Get the Correct Golf Grip

Want a golf swing like Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods? Then you need a grip similar like Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods. The grip is key to a good golf swing. If you have a bad grip then you will need to make some sort of compensation in your swing in order to get that clubface squared.

The Best Video on Setting up the Proper Grip

Here is the clearest and most in detail video I have seen online for setting up your golf grip with the perfect neutral grip. Not too strong a grip and not too weak. Perfect.

Paul Wilson, from Paul Wilson Golf on YouTube, has a ton of great golf instruction videos. In this video Paul goes into painful detail on how you structure your golf grip. He walks through how to place your left and right hand properly on the club (reverse for lefties). Enjoy.

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