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New Chipping Technique is Game Changer

Updated: Jan 2

There is a new chipping technique being used the last few years that is starting to turn heads around the green on the PGA tour. In the past you had Phil Mickelson and others working his magic with big swings, with big wrist hinge and hitting these high flop shots.

But lately you see the likes of Jason Day, Matthew Fitzpatrick and even Tiger Woods, among others using a dead armed technique that is fool proof and very easy to do. Jason Day gets up and down from around the green 92% of the time using this technique. So I had to try it last summer and the results were awesome.

Here is a video I put together that will show you the three steps that Jason Day uses and will show you the drill that he uses to hone his chipping technique.

Enjoy. Please leave a comment here or on YouTube if you have any questions or comments.

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