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Mastering Pitching and Chipping: Pro Tips from Pete Cowan

In my quest to lower my handicap I've found the lowest hanging fruit is the short game. I have knocked 2-3 shots off of my handicap this year (currently at 7.1 index) and I would have to say the difference has really been around the green. Putting is still just OK but I'm getting up and down way more often.

Here is a video from Danny Maude (always a favorite) who is taking a lesson from one of the top PGA golf teachers in the world, Pete Cowan.

I have to say I find Pete Cowan confusing at the best of times. Half the time I can't understand what he is saying when he talks about loading the shoulders and putting pressure on the ball. BUT, this video on chipping truly struck a chord with me. In terms of using the bounce, collecting the ball etc.

Here is the video. Check out all of Danny Maude's videos. He really gives a lot of good free value for your golf swing. Enjoy:

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